Head of Protein Downstream Processing

Head of Protein Downstream Processing

 Reports To: 

The Head of Downstream Processing (DSP) will report to the Director of Biotechnology. 

Job Overview: 

Receive materials from upstream processing (cells or media). Develop purification processes for different proteins expressed in different host organisms and grown with different starting materials. Prepare production documents. Scale up the process for selected proteins up to lab pilot scale. Perform tech transfer to contract manufacturing organizations (CMOs) and other collaborators. 

Purify the product to food-grade standards. Transfer the product for use by the Food Technology Department and to collaborators as part of Joint Development Agreements (JDAs), Material Transfer Agreements (MTAs) and other collaborations. 

Lead, organize, and maintain the DSP laboratory including workplans and infrastructure. Manage, guide, support, and develop the DSP team. 

Responsibilities and Duties: 

  • Member of the biotech team. 
  • Build and support the development and work plan. 
  • Manage the DSP team:
    • Tasks 
    • Priorities 
    • Guidance and feedback 
    • HR:
      • Team welfare, and professional development. 
      • Recruiting new team members as needed. 
  • Supporting and cooperating with other biotech departments:
    • USP 
    • Analytics 


  • PhD in Biochemistry and related fields (MSc with very significant professional and managerial experience may be considered). 
  • More than 5 years in the protein production industry 
  • Fluent in Hebrew and English. 
  • Background in: 
    • Protein purification process development 
    • Protein production 
    • Large scale production 

Please send CV to HR@amaiproteins.com 

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