A Computational Structural Protein Designer

A Computational Structural Protein Designer


  • Analyze structural computational and experimental protein data 
  •  Simulate experimental and theoretical protein structures and related structural and sequence data 
  • Use modeling tools to promote Amai’s computational protein design projects 
  • Study structure-function-dynamics relationships 
  • Communicate with fellow scientists and integrate experimental data into the design



  • Ph.D. in protein structural computational biophysics / computational protein design / structural bioinformatics. Excellent M.Sc. holders will also be considered. 
  • Experience with computational analysis of protein structures and sequences. 
  • Know-how in protein simulations, electrostatics, structure-function-dynamics relationships. 
  • Know-how in mechanisms of protein folding and stabilization. 
  • Proven independent scientific researcher. 
  • Ability to work as part of a team and closely collaborate with others. 
  • Ability to present work before colleagues and professionals. 
  • Comfortable with reading and efficiently adapting new methodologies and ideas from the academic literature and other relevant publications. 


To apply, please send CV to hr@amaiproteins.com 

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