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times sweeter than

100% sweet

We want it all – sweetness, health, and taste, at a low cost… Sounds impossible?

At Amai, we make it possible with our Designer Sweet Proteins that reduces the amount of sugar used in food and beverages worldwide.

The Amai sweetener is 100% protein. Just like any protein, it is digested by our body to healthy amino acids.


Super Healthy

Our sweet designer protein was developed to help solve the sugar overconsumption epidemic that is causing unprecedented levels of metabolic syndrome (including diabetes, obesity, cardiovascular diseases, and more). This forms a huge burden on our healthcare system and the planet.

Thanks to Amai, you can now eat the products you want with the same sweetness you are used to  – guilt-free!  How is this possible?  Our Sweet Protein reduces the sugar you eat, which is bad for you, and replaces it with 100% protein, which is good for you. Unlike sugar, proteins are digested in the upper parts of the digestive system so there is no sugar spike in the body and it has ZERO CALORIES.

Super sweet

Good things come in small packages. One unit of our Designer Sweet Protein packs thousands of times the sweetness of its sugar equivalent. The sweet protein is generally 4,000 times sweeter than sugar so a teaspoon of protein replaces 16kg (35 pounds) of sugar.

Super sustainable

Since our Sweet Protein is thousands of times sweeter than sugar, meaning that manufacturers need much less protein to provide the sweetness you are used to with sugar. The result is that, in addition to the many health benefits, Amai’s Designer Sweet Proteins have a significantly reduced environmental impact and carbon footprint, saving the world valuable land, air, and water resources.

The protein is produced by Precision Fermentation, a sustainable and scalable method that can be applied everywhere reducing transportation needs.

Sweet proteins that are thousands of times sweeter than sugar are found along the equatorial belt. Yet, these proteins could not be mass produced at scale due to low stability, high cost and a hampered sensory profile. Amai’s designer protein is produced through a natural fermentation process, helping food manufacturers reduce sugar by 40-70%, with minimal environmental impact. It has the same sensory experience as sugar, is quickly digested in the body like protein with no adverse interaction. It is also low cost, making it accessible for all.

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